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What's Relentless Training?

Relentless Training is a Bath based personal training service that get's people into great shape using evidence based nutrition and training methods in our very own private training studio. We work with a wide variety of clients from complete novices to physique athletes, implementing flexible strategies that work for clients and their unique lifestyles. If you are tired of rebounding in weight after diets and need a sustainable approach to fat loss, read more about us.


"With the right balance in my nutrition and training I have been able to 3 stone and 5 lbs."

Rachel-m"Steve is very approachable and the way he trains you is never boring. I actually look forward to training. He is very knowledgeable and has helped me achieve the goals I want." Rachel Milsom

"Your encouragement and support during those months has been paramount to me succeeding and keeping up this new healthy lifestyle."


"I feel so much better about myself, I’m more positive, I have better posture and loads more energy. This is only the beginning, I want to stay fit and healthy throughout my old age!" Rachael Stannard

"Steve is a first class trainer/coach, as he is extremely knowledge and supportive. I am training with Steve, as I am working towards my first every bikini competition in 2016 and required some guidance."

testimonialbecky"Along with my training Steve has put me on a reserve diet, which allows me to increase my calorie intake while gaining lean muscle mass and minimal body fat. Since being on this type of diet my energy levels have improved dramatically, which has enabled me to train at high intensities and for longer." Rebecca Louise

"I absolutely love training with Steve, his approach is exactly what I was looking for - he is knowledgeable and informative and expects 100% dedication."

lindsay"At first I was skeptical about flexible dieting and expected to be told all I could eat was chicken and broccoli but with the right education and information from Steve I have been able to make most foods 'fit' my macros with some careful planning! This is amazing as you don't feel like you are missing out on the foods you love." Lindsay Donaldson


Achieve the goals you want with our results-driven programme!

  • Results

    Tried and tested programme using science based methods for losing weight in a sustainable way. No more weight rebounds!

  • Personal

    We keep the numbers in our training sessions low so that we are able to give each member the attention they need to challenge and progress at the right pace!

  • Privacy

    Our training studio is 100% closed to the public during your sessions so there is no need to feel self-concious or intimidated at the gym!

  • Goal Setting

    We will reverse engineer your goals based on your timescale and help you implement a nutrition and training programme to get you there!

  • Community

    Immerse yourself in a team of like-minded individuals with common goals to give yourself the best chance of achieving amazing results!

  • Accountability

    Weekly check-ins allows us to keep track of your progress and update your nutrition plan as often as necessary to get you to your goal!