Calculating Your Macronutrient Requirements

Here is a quick guide to calculate your macronutrient requirements. Remember that everyone is unique and we all maintain weight at different levels. The following calculations will give us a rough ball park figure to start from but ultimately this is about monitoring and adapting until the macronutrient levels that work for you. Calculating Your…

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Journey to the Men’s Physique USN Classic – Part 2

Six weeks out till stepping on stage at the UKDFBA Men’s Physique USN Classic. Thanks for joining me on the second part of this blog. We’ve had a lot going on in the past few weeks with organising Bath’s Strongest Athlete event on 19th July in aid of Cancer Research UK. I think we all…

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Journey to the Men’s Physique USN Classic – Part 1

Hey, I’m Steve. I’ve been a personal trainer for over three years and set up Relentless Training Systems Ltd, a private training studio in Bath in July 2014. The last couple years of my life have been nothing short of a roller-coaster ride with a good amount of success in my business and personal life. This…

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Bath Personal Trainer | Buns Of Steel

Okay ladies, summer is around the corner, and its time to tone up and sculpt those legs and bum! We all know if you want to the ‘fit’ rather than skinny look then you need to do some resistance training… Don’t waste your time on silly adductor/abductor exercises. If you want to make real progress…

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Do The People Around You Knock You Down?

I have been fortunate enough to be part of a positive change in many peoples’ lives. The one thing I have noticed that holds a lot of people back is the negativity of their network; colleagues, friends and family. WTF? I have started working with many more ladies recently transforming their body by building a…

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